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WhAt do todAy’s

          rEntErs WAnt?

          Contributed by Suncastle Properties
          A look at a few essential            In return, they are successful        being broken into, it can be
          features that renters look           in attracting and keeping             hard to sleep at night. Adding
          for in a home                        quality tenants in longer             an alarm service or other
                                               tenancies, thus reducing the          security features to your rental
          As a landlord, your success is       cost of turnover.                     properties is a cost-effective
          dependent upon finding and                                                 way to make tenants feel safe
          keeping quality tenants who          We posed this question, “What         and secure.
          will pay their rent timely and       do Today’s Renter Want?” to
          care of your property. Attracting    the team here at Suncastle            2. PET-FRIENDLY
          and keeping a quality tenant         Properties. Here are a few            Marketing your property as
          for the long-term should be          amenities they came up with           “Pet-Friendly” can be a big
          every landlord’s goal.               that could help differentiate your    decision, but the advantages
                                               rental property and give you          should definitely give you
          Ever wonder why some                 a competitive advantage over          “Paws” for consideration.
          properties rarely experience         other properties in North Florida.    Sixty-seven percent (67%)
          vacancies? We’ve found                                                     of US households own a pet,
          forward-thinking landlords are       1. SAFETY AND SECURITY                so allowing a pet will improve
          always seeking to find new           A safe environment is                 your property’s marketability.
          features or incentives                incredibly important to today’s      Additionally, it’s been found that
          to help their rental                  renter and their family. If          most pet owners are generally
          property stand out                              you’re worried about       more responsible and rent for a
          above the rest.                                     your car or home       more extended period.

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