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WELComE to thE first

           Edition of todAy’s rEntEr.

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           We hope you will find the articles   is rented as a long-term primary       Publishing (EP). SP or EP shall not
           in this and subsequent issues      residence. Alternately, you may           be responsible for the reliability,
           useful. In this and upcoming       have a short-term furnished rental         suitability or timeliness of any
           issues, we will cover topics that   searching for guests for the night,      content submitted. All content is
           are appropriate to help you        week, or monthly. Our goals are           done so at the sole discretion of
           market your property effectively   to provide useful information for          the submitting party. 01-1119
           and to better manage the           each type of rental and each type
           expectations of Today’s Renter.    of renter.                                   © 2019 Estate Publishing.
                                                                                              All Rights Reserved.
           Jacksonville and Northeast Florida  In this and future issues, we
           are experiencing rapid growth      will talk about a variety of             TABlE Of
           seeing more than 70 people         topics, which include how to
           moving into the area daily. This   find quality guests and tenants          ContEnts
           growth has brought with it a more   and what it takes to keep great
           sophisticated housing consumer     tenants. Additionally, we will            04   PREfERREd ExPERT IndEx
           and is creating a demand for       cover maintenance and care                     Why InVEST In POnTE VEdRA
           higher quality rental housing.      your investment home as well             05   BEACh REnTAlS
                                              as tenant and guest problems                   WhAT dO TOdAy’S REnTERS
           As a result, we decided to put     landlords experience and how to           06   WAnT?
           together a publication to help     avoid them.                                    WhAT REnTAl PROPERTy
           educate landlords and real estate                                            09   OWnERS nEEd TO knOW
           investors about the latest trends   We appreciate your feedback;                  ABOuT InSuRAnCE fOR ThEIR
           and demands in the marketplace.    let us know what you think about               InVESTMEnT.
           We look forward to becoming        our publication and any topics            10   CAlEndAR Of EVEnTS
           a valuable resource by sharing     you would like for us to discuss in            COMMOn VACATIOn REnTAl
           our experiences in residential     future issues.                            13   OWnERS PROBlEMS And hOW
           property and vacation rental                                                      TO AVOId ThEM
           management.                        Mark and Matt Odekirk                     16   GuIdE TO EffECTIVE TEnAnT
                                              904-285-5585                                   SCREEnInG
           We understand the rental market                   ShORT-TERM REnTAl
           from all angles. You may own a                   18   REGulATIOnS: AdVOCACy TIPS
                                                                                             TO PROTECT ThE RIGhT TO REnT
           home, condo, or apartment which
                                                                                                          (904) 285-5585
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