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Those surveyed talked about             the amount of time they             •  52% regret not being able to
          the “emotional equity” that is          spend on their hobbies and            build equity.
          built through homeownership.            passions since purchasing a         •  52% regret not being able to
          The study says more than half           home.                                 customize or improve their
          of current homeowners define          • 75% of homeowners                     rentals.
          a home as a place to make               pursued new hobbies after           •  50% regret that the rent is
          memories, compared to 42%               buying a home.                        so high.
          who view a home as a financial                                              •  49% regret that they lack
          investment. besides building         homeowners seem to be                    private outdoor space.
          wealth, the survey also showed       very happy.
          that homeownership enhances          renters tell a different              These two studies prove that
          the quality of life:                 story…                                renting is just not the same as
                                               According to the latest Zillow        owning.
           • 67% of current homeowners         Housing Aspirations Report,
             believed their relationships      45% of renters regret renting         Bottom Line
             with family and loved ones        rather than buying — more             There are both financial and
             have changed for the better       than five times the share of          non-financial benefits to
             since they bought a home.         homeowners (8%) who regret            homeownership. As good as the
           • 78% are satisfied with the        buying instead of renting. Here       “financial equity” is, it doesn’t
             quality of their social life.     are the four major reasons            compare to the “emotional
           • 82% of homeowners said            people regret renting, according      equity” gained through owning
             they were satisfied with          to the report                         your own home.

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