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homEoWnErs ArE                                                          When people talk about

                                                                                  homeownership and the American
          hAPPy – rEntErs                                                         dream, much of the conversation
                                                                                  revolves around the financial
          not so muCh                                                             benefits of owning a home.
                                                                                  However, two recent studies show
                                                                                  that non-financial benefits might
                                                                                  be even more valuable.
          Contributed by Navy to Navy Homes
                                                                                  In a recent survey, bank of America
                                                                                  asked homeowners: “does owning
                                                                                  a home make you happier than
                                                                                  renting?” 93% of the respondents
                                                                                  answered yes, while only 7% said
                                                                                  no. The survey also revealed:

                                                                                   •  More than 80% said they
                                                                                     wouldn’t go back to renting.
                                                                                   •  88% agreed that buying a
                                                                                     home is the “best decision they
                                                                                     have ever made.”
                                                                                   •  79% believed owning a home
                                                                                     has changed them for the

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