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thE ugLy truth

          ABout tErmItE


          By Mike Shipe

          There are two primary termite protection systems, one
          uses baited stations, and the other is a continuous barrier
          around the home. bug-N-you will only use the barrier system,
          commonly known as Termidor. Therefore, after 21 years
          of protecting homeowners, we have never had any of our
          customers experience a re-infestation.

          My name is Mike shipe. I’m the service Manager at bug-
          N-you and have been in the pest control industry for over
          14 years. I started out working for one of the multi-million-
          dollar companies where I would run the numerous termite
          damage claims because they used the termite baited stations
          method. This method leaves gaps in the protection because
          the bait is placed every 10-20 feet apart with no continuous
          barrier. Companies using this baited system cannot promise
          that termites can’t go around the bait and enter the home,
          causing severe damage. This becomes problematic if you were
          to discover termite damage only to find out that your current
          provider does not honor the repair warranty since it may be
          considered as “old damage,” in which case, you will be left with
          the full repair bill.
          bug-N-you will not offer these risky baited termite systems. We
          apply a continuous barrier around the home using Termidor-
          America’s #1 termite defense product. We offer a variety of
          protection plans to fit your needs.

          bug-N-you Inc. is locally owned and operated and was founded
          in 1999 by Army veteran James Gifford. our company’s biggest
          accomplishment after 21 years is that not oNE customer has had
          a re-infestation of termites. Call us today at 904-306-0080 or visit
          our website, for your free inspection!

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