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           for you…                                                                       Estate Publishing, LLC

                                                                                               Charles Zitsman
                                              As we navigate these upcoming     
                                              months, I want our readers, our                  (904) 377-5725
                                              neighbors, our military families,              Associate Publisher
                                              and our business partners to                      Mario Gonzalez
                                              know that we are here for you.
                                                                                            Content Coordinator
                                              As military personnel, we                          Meeka Cook
                                              realize you are trained to deal
                                              with uncertainty. However, we             Any content, articles, advertising,
                                              also know neighbors can be                or any other submitted materials
                                              comforting and a lifeline through         are not necessarily endorsed by
                                              times like these.                          or represent the views of Navy
                                                                                        to Navy Homes (N2N) or Estate
                                              We want you to know we are your              Publishing (EP). N2N or EP
                                              neighbor. so, please reach out             shall not be responsible for the
                                              and contact us if you have any           reliability, suitability or timeliness of
                                              questions at all about the area,         any content submitted. All content
                                              the community, the real estate           is done so at the sole discretion of
                                              market, or even the best place to          the submitting party. 07-0320
                                              get the supplies you need.                   © 2020 Estate Publishing.

                                              Additionally, if you require home               All Rights Reserved.
                                              services, the businesses that
                                              help sponsor this publication            TAblE of
                                              have expressed their ongoing
                                              support for our servicemen and           ContEnts
                                              women. Navy to Navy Homes
                                              has used most of these sponsors           04   WE ARE HERE foR you…
           We understand that the majority    in conjunction with their real
           of lives have been touched by      estate business and have been             05   PREfERREd ExPERT INdEx
           CovId-19. We are particularly      very pleased with their values            06   HoW youR TAx REfuNd CAN
           concerned about our military       and quality of work.                           HElP you buy A HoME THIs yEAR
           families who may be deployed                                                 07   THE uGly TRuTH AbouT
           or waiting to receive orders.      I would like to hear from you;                 TERMITE PRoTECTIoN…
           or those who may be in the         please call or drop me an email.          08   HoMEoWNERs ARE HAPPy –
           process of relocating and                                                         RENTERs NoT so MuCH
           haven’t had the opportunity to                                               10   fRoM RENTING To oWNING
                                                                                             JusT lIkE THAT!
           make community connections or
           meet their neighbors. Certainly,                                             10   RECENT lIsTINGs
           dealing with school closures and   Mario Gonzalez                            14   CAlENdAR of EvENTs
           supply shortages is trying for     Associate Publisher,                           REAl EsTATE Is soARING, buT
           those already established and      The Home front                            16   NoT lIkE 2008
           even more so for those new to      broker / owner of Navy to                      HoW INTEREsT RATEs CAN
           our community.                     Navy Homes                                18   IMPACT youR MoNTHly
                                                                                             HousING PAyMENTs

          904-900-4766                                         4

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