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their inventory and found just the    said, “We received a check for
                                               right house for the price range       $1800.00, and Nelson played
                                               that was acceptable for them.         an intricate role in getting us
                                               The new home was the way to           there. He showed us around the
                                               go, and the builder also assisted     area, continually checked on our
                                               with their closing costs as a thank   progress, and then we got the
                                               you for your service to military      check.”
                                                                                     Now, the couple is getting
                                               After finding the home, the           settled in a convenient location
                                               couple just had to wait for it to be   just ten minutes from River City
                                               completed. Maria said, “We had        Marketplace and thirty minutes
                                               to stay for a month in a hotel,       from fernandina beach. There
                                               but on february 19, we moved          are other military families in the
                                               into our new home, which is           area, and they love their central
                                               much larger than what we were         location.
                                               planning to rent. We are now the
                                               owners of a 5-bedroom, 3-bath         Nelson says about the
                                               home in a new development             transaction, “Today they are
                                               called Alta lakes.”                   in their brand-new home in a
          dR Horton. Nelson said, “They                                              beautiful community building their
          had set in their mind what price     The icing on the cake was the         future equity and saving money
          range would be comfortable           check they received from the          as they pay less than the actual
          for them as a family, and as we      Homes for Heroes program              rent amount which they were
          walked in, we were able to look at   that Navy to Navy offers. keliot      anticipating paying.”

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