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KIEfER’s stoRy

          kiefer washburn grew up with     kiefer’s early education was
          plenty of role models. His       spent at a boarding school
          parents were blessed with nine   campus in Massachusetts.
          children, seven boys, and two    Just before eighth grade, his
          girls. kiefer was the youngest,   father took a position as a
          and three of his older brothers   math teacher at the Episcopal
          have already attended the        School of Jacksonville and
          united States Naval Academy.     the family relocated to North
          In June of 2000, his family      florida. Throughout his
          made the trip to Annapolis       school years, kiefer ran cross
          to drop off their oldest son     country, played lacrosse, and
          Hunter. This was Kiefer’s first   then switched to rowing his
          glimpse of the uSNA when         junior and senior years. In
          he was just four months old.     this sport, he joins all seven
          Throughout his life, as he       brothers who rowed at their
          watched his brothers head        prospective colleges and who
          off to the Academy and then      all had the good fortune of
          serve their country, he began    being trained by their father,
          to dream about attending the     who in addition to teaching
          uSNA himself.                    math is a rowing coach.

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